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Enterprise tenet: focus、integrity、win-win

Development goal: to be an industry leader

Spirit of the enterprise: unity and struggle, love and devotion, pioneering and innovation, dare to be the world.
 “Unity” is the basic guiding principle for the good development of an enterprise, and unity means mutual cooperation. Unity is the cornerstone of success. Ostrovsky once said, "no matter how talented one may be, the collective is often smarter and more powerful than he is".
"Struggle," Rong Guotuan said, "life can be a few times back," at this time when no fighting, when fighting. In the work must be accurate, efficient, with all their power, desperate efforts, to complete the task, to achieve their goals. We have to believe that everyone has unlimited possibilities.
Benevolence is benevolence and kindness. From "historical records. Yuanang biography": "love men, both for dead soldiers". An enterprise is made up of people, and it naturally has human nature. Mr. Shi Guangqi put forward the management idea and operation method of "benevolence management". Enterprise management, managers through a perfect care system, so that employees feel the company's respect for themselves, help and care, not only can be endorsed by employees. At the same time, a lot of important ideological information can be obtained. In today's knowledge intensive market environment, the continuing hierarchy of classes and management will be eliminated as social progress progresses.
"Dedication" is actually a kind of love. For individuals, with their own intelligence and ability, strive to do every thing, treat every person, wholeheartedly for the affairs of the company work, try to use this love to infect people around, the enterprise is on the upgrade.
"Pioneering and innovative" is the source of success, but also the soul of an enterprise development. Practice more, practice more, think more, and summarize more. As the saying goes, practice makes real knowledge. In today's society, the survival of the fittest, we should learn and adapt in the change, survival and development in adaptation.

Core value: to satisfy customers, reassure shareholders and make employees happy
Life is for the pursuit of value. Enterprises are made up of people, and the ultimate goal of enterprises is to create value. The values of an enterprise are the common values of all employees. Only on the basis of common values can the right value goals be created. Only when the company's products or services are valuable and recognized by the community will it bring a steady stream of profits to the company. If the enterprise pays attention to its own economic value, it will not only affect the corporate image, but also make the enterprise lose its stamina.