Certificate is not only a manifestation of the company's strength, but also an honor of the company.
First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our colleagues who care for and support our development. I also appreciate the positive cooperation from all departments of the company. This will be the driving force of our continuous progress!
Our company has won the ISO9001 certification, ISO14000 certification, TS16949 certification, retractable electronic product inspection table, timing turnover box, annular water ring, powder filtering device, and the invention of optical touch control device. The company's performance today is the result of the correct guidance and wise decision by the company leader. It is also the result of all our staff's hard work and sincere cooperation.
Honour is like a firefly, far to see, sparkling, and near to look neither hot nor bright. But we should not only do far look at the light, but also strive to do near look, glowing, hot. We always believe that there is no best, only better. In the future work, we will continue to maintain a good mental outlook, and strive for better results.